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Morocco is the UK's nearest exotic location. It has many attractions, from the chaotic city of Marrakech at nightMarrakech to the quiet Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains. The climate is excellent and it is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

The country's close association with France (it was ruled by the French from 1912 to 1956) means that it has long been popular with French buyers. As yet though, British buyers are still to discover Morocco's charms in any great numbers. However, this is changing as increasingly professional practices are being to appear and instil a greater confidence in the buying process.

Moroccan DesertMarrakech is the number one focus for many buyers, with traditional Riads (houses built around a central courtyard with a fountain) being particularly popular. Whilst Marrakech is home to many attractions including the nation's best golf courses and hotels, and having the Atlas Mountains on its doorstep, it does lack a coastline. Nevertheless, opportunities for purchasing coastal properties do exist.Marrakech at night

Already luxury developments in the most sought after areas are changing hands for large amounts of money. Good value properties can still be found, but Morocco's popularity as the most exotic short- haul destination available to Western Europeans is starting to have an impact of property prices as well as the tourist industry.

Asilah Sunset

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